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Jennie Hakes

Whether you are a new rider or just returning to riding your lessons will be safe, educational, and fun. Jennie can help you become an independent, kind, thinking rider.
Jennie is also a NETA-certified exercise instructor and incorporates that knowledge in riding lessons to produce an effective, balanced seat.

Jennie has lived and breathed horses most of her life. She started riding the family’s St Bernard dog when she was two, and was climbing up on horses at four. She bought her first horse when she was 12, paying for him with a Mason jar stuffed with hard-earned coins and dollar bills. After a hiatus from training and showing due to college and those first years of “real work” and marriage, she discovered dressage and was quickly hooked. When her dressage-y friends started eventing, she joined the fun.


In the 1990’s, Jennie rode in the Central States Dressage and Eventing Association (CSDEA) Rider Development Program with advanced level rider Ralph Hill for seven years, showing her horse Skyhigh through Training level. She clinicked with other advanced eventers, and has audited and crewed too many dressage and eventing clinics to count. She lessoned with FEI level judge Marlene Schneider for many years, and schooled weekly with Alison Sader-Larson.

In 2007, Jennie was accepted as a candidate in the USEA Instructor’s Certification Program (ICP) and participated in 6 days of dressage and jumping instructor training. She has taught CSDEA stadium and cross-country clinics, coached cross-country at fundraisers; and helped Pony Clubbers achieve their ratings. She has been a very active member of CSDEA for over 25 years, chaired the Eventing Committee for six years and is a part of the CSDEA website team.


Jennie rode in CSDEA’s Developing Dressage Rider series with J. J. Tate and has lessoned with Mary Wanless and Dominique Barbier. She taught for a number of years at the former Pine Meadow Farm in Delano MN. She will travel to students’ barns to teach.

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